The Causeway Coast

Causeway Coast of Northern IrelandThe Causeway Coast is an area of magnificent beauty on the Northern Coast of Northern Ireland, stretching from the mouth of the Foyle in the West, to the Glendun River in the East.

This stunning coastline spans an area less than 30 miles, overlooks the North Atlantic Ocean and offers glimpses of eras goneby.

Visitors from around the planet have been charmed by their visit to the Causeway Coast.  A land of myth, steeped in history with impressive natural cliffs, beaches, forests, headlands, rocks, and ancient landforms.  

From Castlerock on the West to BallyCastle in the East the coastal towns of the Causeway Coast each provide something different for travellers and natives alike.  

Marvellous Views & Sites

So many marvellous views to soothe the eyes, historical sights from the beginning of settlement in Ireland.  All this splendour, within such a compact geographical area, makes the Causeway Coast the jewel in Northern Ireland's crown, attracting millions of visitors every year.

Place of Legends

Phoenix Peace Statue, ColeraineThe story goes that the Irish giant Fionn mac Cumhaill (Finn MacCool), from the Fenian Cycle of Gaelic mythology, was challenged to a fight by the Scottish giant Benandonner.

Fionn accepted the challenge and built the causeway across the North Channel so that the two giants could meet.

In our modern culture the Causeway Coast is used as the background for Game of Thrones, a televised legend viewed by millions.

Let's just say it's picturesque, even now. 

The Giants Causeway, Panorama and Closeup

Visit the Causeway Coast...

Northern Ireland, Set of Game of ThronesThe locals really enjoy living in this part of the world and they live a relaxed peaceful life taking part in their community and appreciating the beauty around them.  I was lucky enough to grow up for most of my childhood in Coleraine. 

As a child we would try to name all the towns that begin with 'Bally' on the car rides and bounce on the springy grass at the Giant's Causeway, the world around us was inspiring.  

Discovering The Causeway Coast by car, camper, motorbike or bicycle is easy, peaceful and relaxed.  There's plenty of other campers and caravaners if that's your mode of transport. 

Choose to vary your surroundings by staying a few nights in one location and and a few nights in another, roaming around to maximise your holiday experience. Or find the location you resonate with most and base yourself there, either way will work!  You'll find great choices of different types of Accommodation to soak up the ancient atmosphere of this remarkable coastline. 

Excellent Beaches

Portrush West Strand, Northern IrelandSix of the eight Blue Flag beaches in Northern Ireland are found on the Causeway Coast, a testament to their beauty, pristine water and conservation quality.

The Blue Flag beaches are Portstewart Strand, Portrush East Strand, Portrush West Strand, The Whiterocks, Downhill and Benone Strand at Magilligan.

One of the only two Marinas to achieve this prestigious status is also on the Causeway coast, Ballycastle Marina. 

Unsurpassed scenery

Mussenden Temple from Downhill Beach, CausewayCoast.holidayHaving passed through the troubled times Northern Ireland has emerged with a new invite to the world to come and partake of her offerings.  

Discover exquisite beaches, ancient rocks, spectacular castle ruins, thriving towns with nightlife, unique stores and good food, cliff walks, intrepid rope bridges, unsurpassed views and all with a friendly hospitable atmosphere. Northern Ireland is a lovely place to visit. 

Visiting the Causeway Coast is an extraordinary experience that creates lasting memories!

Welcome to the Causeway Coast!

Welcome to the Causeway Coast, Northern Ireland for a relaxing, adventurous, active holiday back in nature. Enjoy your stay in this piece of paradise.
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Causeway - The Giant's Causeway

Giant's Causeway, an unusual perspectiveThe Causeway Coast is the colloquial term for the entire northern coastline of Northern Ireland. 

The coast faces the North Atlantic with views to Donegal to the west, Rathlin Island out to sea and Scotland north and east.

From the West, Limavady Borough cares for the Magilligan Point area while from Downhill to Portballintrae is within the Coleraine Borough Council. 

Moyle Council stretches from Ballycastle and beyond to the far eastern edge of the Causeway Coast at the Glens of Antrim.

The Causeway Coast is a varied and exciting place, also a peaceful and relaxed location to holiday.